Free 5-minute timed writing exercise

Timed writing exercises can be great for getting the pen to fly over the page without overthinking the process. Every month we’ll post a new image for you to use. The idea is to create a character that will sit in the seat shown. Have a look at the image and imagine what sort of a person might be there. Here’s a list of prompts to help.

  • Why are they there?
  • Is the seat; wobbly, soft, cold?
  • Is your character; dreaming, waiting, excited, nervous, resting?
  • Does the air smell of anything?
  • Are they alone in the surroundings?

Set your timers and write for 5 minutes. Then stop, even if it’s in mid-sentence.

This is the skeleton of your story. Now take what you have and develop it. Enjoy it!

Send us your best, most polished version - of no more than 250 words, and we’ll post 10 stories a month in our writer’s gallery. Try it out - it’s a great way to unlock your imagination and create new characters.