Creative writing: Beginners

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: £125

Suitable for: Beginners

Course start dates:

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Each week the tutor presents a short tutorial outlining the session. You will be given 2 or 3 structured writing exercises. First, a timed warm-up exercise to get your fingers moving, then the main writing exercise which contains video clips, photographs and other prompts. A third exercise is sometimes included to cement the topic covered in the session.

This course includes tutor feedback on your work, an online conference, and an online forum; all useful ways to connect with your tutor and other writers on the course.

Course overview

Over 8 weeks we’ll look at:

  • Finding and breathing life into your characters
  • Framework- story structure, plot and point of view
  • Setting strong visual scenes

Every two weeks you’re encouraged to submit up to 600 words based on any section of the session. Your tutor will provide you with approximately 250 words of written feedback the following week. Feedback highlights the strengths of the piece, as well as areas of possible improvement.

At week 4 you’re invited to participate in a live conference where extracts of coursework can be shared and discussed.

Take your time. Write all week, but please note that the deadline for the tutor to receive your work is always noon on Sunday.

Weekly topics

Every week your tutor will introduce the session with a short video. On week one this includes a brief overview of what you’ll cover, ways of getting in touch and how to access and use the material.

Session one introduces you to the magpie’s box and the timed writing exercises. The main exercise will introduce you story structure; what is often referred to as the beginning, middle and end.

In this session you’ll begin to create characters using prompts and images. You’ll be encouraged to make observations about the images you see and begin to make decisions about characterisation.
The reader needs to understand where they are. These exercises use film and audio clips to ensure that you’re aware of where the action takes (even if you choose not always to reveal it.)
For week 4 you will be invited to join the tutor and group for a live web chat on zoom.
The turning point approaches. How do you keep the reader hooked? In this session, Events must change, characters must react those changes and to one another.
Using the basic model of story telling, this session addresses how explore those elements creatively. The exercises will play with order, while keeping a grip on the essential framework.
We now know that characters react according to their driving forces. In this session we look at how far they’re prepared to go to have or protect what they value and how this alters the story.
In the last session of series 1, you will explore ‘endings’ and will look at tying loose threads and polishing work. You’ll also receive a handout of tips and advice which are the basis of part two.

Why choose this course?

By taking this course, you will:

  • Be given clear and well-guided writing exercises
  • Have the inspiration and confidence to turn your ideas into stories
  • Learn new creative writing skills to improve and develop your work
  • And, we hope, enjoy yourself!

Price: £125

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